About us

Who is “us”?

It’s just me, yasser, 26 years old, from Algeria.

Are you a phpBB expert?

There is no institute you can go to to get certified in phpBB forum administration, customization and modification. There are undoubtedly people in the phpBB community with more and better skills than me. For example, the principle developers and many people in the phpBB support and developer forums. Some of them offer services as well and you are welcome to contact them. I first tried phpBB as my forum solution in 2013 for my tajribaty.com/f and shop4dz.com and other forums, that served to help me fully understand the software. I do encounter new situations now and then but my expertise mostly comes from learning by doing. I encounter variations of mostly the same issues over and over again. This makes me generally fast and agile. Most problems can be fixed in a couple of hours of work, These things have become very easy for me, so i started to work on fiverr in 2015 then i get 5/5 star feedback for all orders, today i start to work in my own site :) .

What services do you offer?

It’s all explained in detail on my services page.

How are you paid?

Usually by PayPal, payoneer/paysera transfer.

How secure is the information I send you?

Generally I ask that when you send me confidential information (such as your site access credentials) that you use my secure form. This site uses HTTPS so all data is transmitted securely.

I have my GMail account set up for two factor authentication. This means in order for me to login to GMail I must go through a two step process. The second step is to enter a security code that Google sends me to my cell phone, a number it does not share. So you can have confidence that lacking possession of my cell phone and my GMail password no one (at least outside of my household) can see the information you send me.

I do not retain any passwords you send me in a password manager.

I use Linux and my entire hard drive is encrypted.

In short, I can’t think of many other ways to be more secure with the information you provide to me. Of course there is always some risk, but it is minimal.

How long will you keep doing this work?

Mostly I enjoy the work. It keeps me productive and engaged and stimulates my passion for IT while allowing me to work in a niche area. I have no plans to quit. I’d probably be doing something computer related and nerdy otherwise, but at least I can make some money from this business.

What’s the best way to get in touch with you?

Use contact admin form. It’s a secure form.